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PGT boasts of modern design and production technique supported by computer aided design



Whether it's continuous, prime or standby power that you require, “PGT” has started marketing & after sales service with world

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Indoor Vacuum

This protective equipment is used up to 33 kV sub-station.

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Major Products

Sub-station equipments (X- Former, H.T & L.T switchgear, PFI plant), Generator, Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)

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West Rajshon, Savar, Dhaka

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Office Address
Rahmania Int’l Complex
28/1/C Toyenbee
Circular Road (13th Floor)
Suite # 18, Motijheel
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel & Fax: +880-2-7193476
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Customer Care and 24/7 Support Service
Hotline : 01711-672543


  Load Break Switch
This protective equipment is used at 11kV sub-station. The main Load Break Switch (LBS) mechanism is available for 630A & the over current protection scheme is done through HRC fuse. The panel includes 3 numbers of CT (Current Transformer) & 2/3 numbers of PT (Potential Transformer) for measuring system current & voltage respectively & 3 numbers of HRC Fuses for protection of overload. The scheme is so designed that if fault occurs in any phase it will isolate the whole three phases from the system instantly. The panel also includes 3 numbers of Ampere meters & one number of Voltmeter with selector switch for monitoring system current & voltage. The standard panel size is 900X900X1800 mm & weight is around 450 kg.
  Low Tension (LT) Panel
PGT manufactures low voltage switchgear (hereafter called LT Panel) which is applied for power control and distribution systems of AC 50Hz, rated working voltage up to 440V. It’s mainly used in power station, industrial enterprise, commercial/residential buildings for power distribution and can be used to control, protect and inspect the circuit.
  PFI (Power Factor Improvement) Plant
Power Factor of the system is degraded due to inductive load of different industries and big apartments. PGT manufactures PFI (Power Factor Improvement) Plant for improving the degraded Power Factor of the system. We have microprocessor based PFC (Power Factor Correction) relay up to 12 stages. The Capacitors we use are of different ratings (2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 KVAR.. etc.) and corresponding Magnetic Contactor for suitable stepping of the Capacitor bank. Sometimes we also use detuned Reactor with the Capacitors for harmonic filtration of the system. The standard panel size is 762X460X1524 mm (single unit).

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